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2. 100% Guarantee and 1:1 Replacement for Defective Goods.
3. Competitive Prices, For Larger Quantity Prices Are Consultable.
4. High Quality Assurance, 3 Times QC Testing Before Ex-Factory.

Main Features


  • 01DTF PET film is highly transparent, allowing for clear and vibrant printing results. This transparency ensures that the printed design appears crisp and accurate when transferred onto the final material. Durability: PET film is known for its durability and strength. It can withstand handling, stretching, and washing without tearing or losing its structural integrity. This durability ensures that the printed design remains intact and long-lasting, even with regular use or exposure to various conditions.
  • 02PET film has good heat resistance, which is essential during the heat transfer process in DTF printing. The film can withstand the temperatures required for ink sublimation and transfer onto the final material without warping or deforming. Chemical resistance: DTF PET film is resistant to chemicals, including common solvents and cleaning agents. This resistance helps maintain the quality of the printed design even when subjected to cleaning or other chemical processes.

      Technical Parameter


      DTF PET Film




      0.6x100m/ 0.3x100m /A3/A4



      Work with

      DTF Pigment Ink + TPU Hot Melt Powder

      Peel method

      Cold Peel/ Hot Peel

      Transfer Temperature

      130 ~ 160 ℃

      Transfer Time

      8 ~ 15 Seconds

      Transfer Pressure

      0.1 ~ 0.3 MPA

      Suitable Material

      Cotton, Polyester, Linen, Nylon, Polyester-cotton, Nylon-cotton

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