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WK-6090 Flatbed UV Printer

Model: WK-6090 Flatbed UV Printer
Printing Width: 600*900mm (23.62″*35.43″)
Printing Media Thickness: 0-130mm(5.12″)
Print Head: Epson I1600-U1 (2pcs)
Print Color: CMYK + WW + VV
Printing Speed: 3.6 Sqm/h (6 Pass)

Main Features


  • 01WeenTek WK-6090 Flatbed UV Printer with I1600-U1 Heads Printing Size: 60*90cm, Print Head: Epson I1600-U1 Heads (2Pcs), Application: Acrylic, Wood, Glass, Metal, etc Printing Color: CMYK + White + Varnish. Printing Speed: 6pss 3.6 Sqm/H. WeenTek WK-6090 Flatbed UV Printer with I1600-U1 Heads High precision,qualitatively improved accuracy. Cost-effective head, Independent printing of four channels in four colors, each color as 400 dpi , Super Faster and Resulutions .
  • 02Epson I1600-U1 head nozzle column spacing is small, suitable for printing irregular materials such as cylinders. Industrial-grade print head, the printhead and the cable are separated, easy to replace. WeenTek WK-6090 Flatbed UV Printer use industrial design print carriage with bottom heating. Customer can choose CMYK + W + V according to requirements. The cartridges are temperature-adjustable and can easily cope with various external temperatures.


  • 03WeenTek WK-6090 Flatbed UV Printer use integrated honeycomb platform, hard oxidation process on the surface. It is easy for the operator to operate the ball valve during the use of the machine, and the personnel do not need to move to the side of the machine to reduce the movement of personnel. WeenTek WK-6090 Flatbed UV Printer use Easy operation and Low Labor Cost Intelligent of control software, simple operation, get rid of complex procedures, realize station printing, outline printing, chasing color setting printing.
  • 04WeenTek WK-6090 Flatbed UV Printer can be widely used Decoration, Glass, Furniture, Advertising Industry, Packaging Industry, Leather Industry, Textile Industry, Mobile Phone Case, Stationery, Toy, Arts and Crafts, Etc. WeenTek WK-6090 Flatbed UV Printer High-definition printing resolution, unlimited printing color, bright and beautiful color effect. Bright and beautiful, realistic effect, pattern can be washed without fading and anti-stretch.

Technical Parameter


WK-6090 Flatbed UV Printer

Head Type

2 Epson Original I1600-U1 Heads

Max Printing Width


Printing Media Thickness


Ink Type

UV LED Curable Ink

Printing Colors

C M Y K + W + V

Rip Software

RIIN Rip or FlexPrint PP

Printing Resolution

300*900DPI 6pass
300*1800DPI 8pass

Ink Supply System

Bulk Ink Supply System

Power Supply

110V/220V 50-60HZ


350W, 2A

Printing Speed

6 Pass 3.6 Sqm/H

8 Pass 3.0 Sqm/H

Printer Size


Package Size

1755*1650*885mm  320kgs


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