WK-704 DTF Printer
WK-704 DTF Printer
WK-704 DTF Printer
WK-704 DTF Printer
WK-704 DTF Printer
WK-704 DTF Printer

WK-704 DTF Printer

• Model: WK-704 DTF Printer

• Head Type: 4 EpsonI3200-A1 Heads

• Max Printing Width: 650mm/25.5''

• Ink Type: Pigment Ink

• Printing Colors: C M Y K + W

• RIP Software: Flexi Print

• Printing Resolution: 720DPI/1080DPI/1440DPI

• Ink Supply System: Bulk Ink Supply System, White Ink Circulating

• Printing Speed: 28sqm/hr


WeenTek WK-704 DTF Printer DTF Printer With 4 Epson I3200-A1 Print Head. Printing Width: 615mm, Printing Media: PET Film, Printing Speed: 14sqm/hr. WK-704 DTF Printer use four Epson I3200 A1 Print Heads, daily printing volume is enough to press 6000 T-shirts. It is a nozzle designed for industrial applications. The minimum ink drop of I3200 A1 is 1.5PL, the output picture is more delicate, the color reproduction is high and perfect, and precision of high-definition digital photo level is 3200DPI.

WK-704 DTF Printer built-in white ink circulation and constant temperature control function to achieve printing anytime. Avoided nozzle blocking, and is not affected by emperature. Automatic powder shaking machine, powder shaker rotates PET film with high speed, so that the powder on the material will be shaken more evenly and the excess powder on the material will not be adsorbed on the invalid picture.

WK-704 DTF Printer can be widely used different kinds of fabrics, leather, bags, shoes and hats, clothing, socks, masks, gloves, umbrellas, plush toys, knitted underwear, swimwear, and other textile and fiber crafts, etc. High-definition printing resolution, unlimited printing color, bright and beautiful color effect. Bright and beautiful, realistic effect, pattern can be washed without fading and anti-stretch.

WeenTek Pigment Ink suitable for DTF printer, high color fastness, washing fastness 4-4.5. Double-side Matt PET Film The grade is very high, the color is bright, the hand feels soft, the color fastness is very high, it is washable, and the color does not fade when scratched with a knife.

Model WK-704 DTF Printer
Head Type 4 Epson Original I3200-A1 Heads
Max Printing Width 600mm/23.62''
Ink Type Pigment Ink
Printing Colors C M Y K + W
RIP Software RIIN Rip or FlexPrint PP
Printing Resolution 720DPI/1080DPI /1440DPI
Ink Supply System Bulk Ink Supply System 
White Ink White Ink Circulating and Stirring 
Power Supply 110V/220V 50-60HZ 
Power 6KW, 25A 
Printing Speed 6 Pass 28 Sqm/H 8 Pass 18 Sqm/H (4 Heads) 
Package Size Printer: 160*97*73cm=1.13CBM 190kgs 
Powder Shaking Machine 157*118*113cm=2.1CBM 250kgs
Total 3.2CBM 440KGS
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